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Top Domain Sales of All-Time

How much can a Domain Name go for? Checkout the list to see the Top Domain Name purchases of ever! When it comes to business, the name of your business and branding is everything! You should have the matching domain name in .com as well. A memorable domain name can drive alot of traffic to your business and overall success! Continue reading

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Top Companies to start in 2018

The beginning of the New Year is a fantastic time to start a new company. Now is the time of the year when forward-thinking entrepreneurs finally put into practice all the ideas that they’ve been thinking about throughout the past year. They’ve isolated some business problem that they’re going to solve, or they’ve identified a hot new business trend that could be worth millions. With that in mind, here are the top companies to start in 2018. Continue reading

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Free Brand Guide Template

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec rutrum congue leo eget malesuada. Vestibulum ac diam sit amet quam vehicula elementum sed sit amet dui. Curabitur non nulla sit amet nisl tempus convallis quis ac lectus. Curabitur arcu erat, accumsan id imperdiet et, porttitor at sem. Nulla quis lorem ut libero malesuada feugiat. Continue reading

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Top Companies To Start in 2017

The start of the New Year is a great time to start up a new business - you’re refreshed, ready to hit the ground running, and eager to start something new. But which business is the right one for you? You first want to take stock of where you are in life, think about what types of skills you can bring to a new company, and then start to sketch out a roadmap of how to make your dream a reality. That’s especially important if you’re starting out on a limited budget… Continue reading

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5 Surprising Statistics About Domain Names You Need to Know

A lot has changed in the domain name industry since the late 1980s, when the number of total domain names could be easily tracked and monitored. Over the following two decades, there has been explosive growth in the number of domain names in use in the world. As the Internet has grown to truly global proportions, the domain name industry has raced to stay on pace. Here are just a few of the statistics highlighting this remarkable growth… Continue reading

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How Mobile Web Searches Are Changing the Domain Name Industry

At the end of 2015, Google announced that the Internet had reached a new tipping point: there were now more searches being performed on mobile devices than on the desktop. And in 2016, Hitwise confirmed those findings, noting that nearly 60% of all searches are now coming from mobile devices. That fundamental change in the way people search for information online has led to some very important changes for the domain name industry… Continue reading

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7 Secrets Why Domain Names Less Than 7 Letters Get More Traffic

It’s now conventional wisdom that domain names should be as short as possible, preferably 7 letters or less. But have you ever wondered why? It turns out that there is an inverse correlation between domain name length and search traffic volume. In short, the shorter the domain name, the more likely it is to show up on the first page of Google search results… Continue reading

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3 Ways to Know You Picked the Right Domain Name

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, one of the best ways to guarantee the future success of your business is picking the right domain name. In the digital era, having the right domain name gives you a unique opportunity to brand your company and also makes it easier for customers to find you. Here are three questions to ask yourself: if you can answer all three with a “yes,” then you’ve picked the right domain name… Continue reading


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